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“Nokia N900 Phone

You want to run one app at a time and be tied to your carrier forever? There’s a phone for that. But if you’ve got application ADD and need to flit from network to network, consider Nokia’s Linux-based N900. With a 600-Mhz processor, up to a gig of RAM, an 800 x 480 touchscreen, and a huge catalog of free apps, it’s GSM wireless with no strings attached.”

Congratulations Nokia, the N900 is no. 64 of 2009s wishlist.



After a week of the official release date, the Nokia N900 is finally in stock at NokiaUSA and is available stateside. Bad news for our Canadian friends, as they only accept credit cards with a US billing address, we tried. Now all we can do is wait and hope that Amazon decides to ship us our product, sooner than later

Buy the N900 here

N900 streaming to big tv

N900 Audio and video podcasts

Ecoach Sport buddy in action

Phone calls and data monitoring skills

Stop motion mini movie battery test

Now this is a cellphone that can truly game. You have buttons. You arent stuck with only using the tilt and pressing the screen. Tilt option is there, but true gamers want buttons. Physical buttons. Waiting for the n900 is getting harder thanks to videos like these

code 177 on talk.maemo claims:

Today my Nokia Store / Ovi Publisher account was disabled and locked out, because I am not a corporation.

Nokia does not recognize individuals or sole proprietorship as valid business entities, and as such only corporations may publish through the Ovi store. Needless to say, as a legitimate businessman, I feel incredibly let down by Nokia, and the Ovi policies. These policies are going to prevent 95% of application developers from publishing through nokia, leaving only the choice of giving our work away for free (which is fine if you’re into that), or trying to establish an independent distribution channel which is going to be incredibly difficult.

Nokia should ensure that they either recognise sole proprietorships as legitimate business entities, or make it very clear – and i mean 72px font clear, that they do not allow individuals to publish through the store.

This is pretty disturbing news as one of the main highlights of the N900 was that Maemo is open-source and that home-brew applications can be easily installed without going through procedures like Apples iPhone policy apps.

Only corporations can sell applications through the n900 Ovi store when it’s released. Individual developers who are not incorporated as companies cannot sell apps through the ovi store, they must either give their application away for free, or find an alternative, unofficial method of distribution and payment.

If Nokia do not find a solution to this, the N900 as an application platform has seen it’s best days already.

Thanks Johnathan Blake for the tip

EDIT: Chanse Arrington, an employee of Nokia have stated through twitter than Ovi store isn’t the only way to deliver applications, and free applications will be available through

I guess the rules exist to have some uniformity else if left all open, it would look pretty messy. I am just glad that they aren’t being like Apple and are truly keeping it open-source. Kudos, now, if only we could actually get the n900

It seems Nokia is sticking to the N900 video extravaganza, as its showing the N900 features in 30 seconds.

The first video shows how to keep your cellphone filled with apps.

The second shows its multi-tasking power

The third shows how easy it is upload videos on facebook. Shoot and Upload


Penguins with laser eyes! This is the real reason the n900 is better than the iphone.



The “N900 video extravaganza” starts tomorrow. Over the next month Nokia Conversations be rolling out a new N900 video every working day. Each one will last 30 seconds and there‚Äôs 30 videos in all. Anyone good at maths will already have worked out that 30 times 30 is 900.

Personally, I kinda find this interesting and promising.




[r900] Sales-start Newsletter_1258034690317

Nokia seems to be sending this newsletter to people in Europe. It looks so nice to see ‘Buy Now’ instead of Preorder.

Thanks Hans

Steffen from the Maemo 5 UI Team, shows us how you can view what’s on your phone’s screen using the TV-out capabilities and how to share a video.