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Jay Sullivan, Mozillas VP of mobile gives us a breif walk-through of Firefox for Maemo. I love how weave is combined and it seems a lot of add-ons will be compatible on it. But would you guys continue using the default browser or Firefox?



End of November. Not even a definitive November date. Nokia decides not to ship me a review unit and I get that, but this?!

Sigh, am I really the only one who feels heartbroken?

Read and weep

EDIT: UK still seems to be spearheading for Nov 9th. I guess US of A isn’t that high on Nokias priority list

Thanks Shantyadon


One of the most popular viedo players is being ported onto Maemo 5. This pretty much guarantees that almost every video will work on the n900


Make your own video, and submit it to Nokia before November 13th 2009 and if your story is good enough, you get an N900. Again, they aren’t looking for great prodiction values, just really good interesting ideas.

Best of luck everyone, and when you are posting the video on youtube, make sure u add the tag #offlineasithappens. I am off to the drawing board


Wedding catastrophre:

and the brides reaction video:

The Bride isn’t happy and decided to see all the grooms and best mans presents on ebay, which just happens to be 4 N900s and an around the world trip!

The bidding started at 10am GMT this morning, however the 1st item is already gone. All the items will be sold for only $1 each with Buy it Now, so head over to the brides page and see if you can bag yourself a N900 or even an around the world trip here! Its only running over the next 24 hours so hurry!

This looks like fun!

Read has updated its n900 page stating that the release date is Nov 2nd. I wonder what the release date for USA is?

Screenshot 1

Two new interesting videos of the n900 have been posted

I like these new nokia adverts

An amazing article mentioning whats pretty much on most of our minds. Should we get the droid or N900.

Worth reading, and what are your thoughts?


Mark from explains us how to create loopable wallpapers for your n900. This way, the wallpaper looks continous throughout the 4 screens 🙂


Tiina, a member of the Maemo 5 UI Team, gives us a brief introduction to Contacts application in Maemo 5 (Nokia N900)