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I like you Nokia N900. I really do. But PR1.1 came, and I was excited by the progress Maemo was making.

But I am tired of waiting:

for PR 1.2.
for Ovi Store to come out of Beta and have more than 15 applications
for half the apps not being able to install from App Manager because of PR 1.2
for waiting for applications. Sure the community out there is doing an excellent job with Barriosquare and Witter, but these are people working on limited resources.

I really did like the N900. But its been over six months, and Nokia has failed to deliver. Sure they have fixed bugs here and here, but at the end, I still have a device that claims to have (almost) 1 GB RAM and still lag.
It still barely has facebook support. No twitter or facebook integration in the contact list. Sure it can get facebook profile pictures but thats about it.
And the absolute worst fact is that when I click on the phone icon, and click Select Contact, it takes 4 seconds to load my contacts. 4 seconds lag on getting my contacts is just unacceptable.

I see my friends with Android and iPhone and I agree their OS has been there for longer, but its been more than 6 months Nokia.

I am tired of defending an expensive device which still lags, still doesn’t have apps from major sites (flickr,digg,facebook), has flash that kills the device and GPS which is honestly a joke (Ovi maps)

As much as I hate to say this, I am disappointed Nokia, and I shall be selling my cellphone soon for Android.

An ex fanboy

P.S. I am not trolling. I have the highest respect for the developers who are still spending their time and resources in making apps for this and I hope they continue doing so. I am just tired of being left in the dark for an update release, not knowing whether or not Meego will be supported. I love the browser, but an app is much better. Facebook flickr, etc are sites I can use, but rather have an application. I don’t want fart apps, just applications that will help my lifestyle.
I still love my N900, I am just moving on.

P.S. Isolano also pointed that there is still no Ovi suite or Ovi plater support



  1. Shame you feel that way, but I can see your point, especailly with OVI maps.

    however on the dedicated apps for certain sites. I have found the browser in conjuntion with pixelpipe and other sharing services more than adequate. Why have a cut down mobile app when the n900 can do the real thing.

    Andriod phones do look tempting, they like iphones with substance

  2. “No twitter or facebook integration in the contact list.”

    Have a pulgin for that. I don´t know if you have tried that.

    “GPS which is honestly a joke (Ovi maps)”

    Sygic? Another platforms doesn´t offer too a good pre-installed GPS navigator… Only now Nokia offers to the s60v5 symbian devices (don´t all devices) a free navigator with a equilibrated quality (consideration that is FREE).

    HTC Decire are better but this two devices isn´t from the same market, one are a Internet Tablet (very expensive in date for a IT but it is at the same time a cell-phone (3,5G)).

    Nokia N900 is more close to HTC Touch Pro 2 than HTC Decire in my opinion…

    Why don´t try to wait (2 weaks) for the PR 1.2 and after make your decision.

  3. I bought me an HTC Desire two weeks ago and haven’t picked up my N900 since. Seriously – different league.
    I miss the FM transmitter, the keyboard (a bit), and the multicolour LED! But that’s all.
    Get a Desire, Incredible or Evo 4 – you won’t regret it.

  4. nobody cares

  5. @stevo

    STFU you retarded fruit lover…

    And yea the N900 been a frustrating relationship but still
    beats anything out on the market when it comes to pure function
    and surfing.
    Skype works awesome and I handle 4 mail accounts without problem
    and streaming video from server and tv-out is a killer…

    ..but I know what you mean it lacks in every area when it comes to
    pro dev retail apps, no ovi, no ovi maps etc.

    Getting a 2nd phone myself till they fix the N900 or release a kickass
    Meego device.

    Cya round 🙂

  6. Totally agree with you!!
    My last nokia!!

  7. Wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. Nokia also needs to learn to support customers, too. Their service/repair relationship with Internet Tablet (770, N800, N810) customers is as abysmal as their lack of dedication to supporting developers and it just carried on into their new tablet phone device (N900). Shameful. I used to like Nokia until I had to deal with them as a customer.

  8. I definitely hear you on the frustration. I’ve already pledged that if no 1.2 by end of month, mine gets sold as well. I know it will come eventually but I’ve lost all confidence in the platform.

    To all that say “just use the web browser” I simply say, my eyes can’t see all the small print and I’m not into zooming in and out. A simple widget that shows my feeds from social sites that I can quickly scroll through and post/reply is all we need. Look at the Motorola Cliq with Motoblur. They are simple widgets and make life so much easier. Also, they don’t even have the hardware the N900 does and they’re able to accomplish it.

  9. to you guys out there with the N900 – it took me a good year for my E71 to have 4 FW updates and for me to find several useful apps on the net [OVI store really is not that good. I would not say terrible] since many of these signed and unsigned apps are everywhere. I have my core set of apps like FB, fring and total recall and when I move up to a phone, I basically want what I have + more. Maemo select, I was shocked to see has almost nothing of use or things I would have expected to come pre-installed. And I’m assuming there isn’t any other place to find apps either. Do I go and get an E72? I’m thinking about it. I like the OVI maps and Google maps. They are really great on this phone and better on the E72 but Nokia’s phones mature and so I am waiting for the E72 to mature before I get one. By that time the E73 should be out and I can make a decision then.

    Nokia customer care is terrible. I’ve been into the Nokia flagship store in Manila to charge my battery and when I pick it up it’s bloody scratched. I’m in Canada and I call them for service [routed to Manila I think] and they just say reformat. What a joke. I don’t mind sending an email to get a concise [or somewhat reasonable] answer but I just get garbage. Enough of that.

    I was hoping that maemo5 and the N900 could take me to another level on my mobile computing so I don’t have to spend so much time at home at my desk on my time off. I also want a phone that will allow me to use sip VoIP continuously with confidence. There are not any unlimited data plans on the Canadian west coast. But seeing [internet only since I have not seen one in a store here] and reading about it does not make me want to be one of the next 100000 buyers [making it 200k].

    The N97 is too plastiky and I am not sure how much better it’s CPU is…less than a 100MHz faster than this one now.

    N900 user questions – 1, can I use the VoIP with confidence over a data line? Does it use the network minutes when I do this? 2, is the screen better than the N97’s? 3, the FW update is out now and so is there still a lag with some of the basic functions? 4, would it be possible to run a desktop screen and a wireless keyboard and use it? 5, is the build quality impressive or does it feel plastiky?

    Thanks – hh

  10. Mixed feelings.
    I killed my N900 about a month ago (don’t ask). Still waiting for a call from Nokia if it can be repaired for a reasonable cost.
    I need a smartphone for work, so I got the HTC Desire. Guess what, I’m going to keep it! Goodbye Nokia.
    I loved the N900 for it geekiness or whatever you call the Linux-ish feel of the system. I had OpenVPN working and Remote Desktop to connect to servers at work, customized everything and hacked the *bleep* out of it 😉
    But it good as a phone? No, too big and clumsy. As a small portable computer it is SUPERB.

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