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After a week of the official release date, the Nokia N900 is finally in stock at NokiaUSA and is available stateside. Bad news for our Canadian friends, as they only accept credit cards with a US billing address, we tried. Now all we can do is wait and hope that Amazon decides to ship us our product, sooner than later

Buy the N900 here



  1. what are the bands or frequency for this mobile. Does this have full adobe reader and office suite. Is it north american 3g

  2. Yes, I tried ordering from NokiaUSA, and, but they won’t ship to Canada. I have pre-ordered with but their website now says “expected arrival date” of December 1. Sigh!

  3. NokiaUSA really botched this launch and outsourcing the phone in ordering service didn’t help this situation in the least. After sitting on hold 47 minutes I was finally able to speak someone who was unable to give me any relevant information on my order.

  4. Yay, my N900 is almost here. On Thursday, sent me email notification that they had N900s in stock. Since I ordered the priority Fedex shipping service, my unit got into Canada and through customs by Friday afternoon. It’s hopefully sitting in a warehouse in Nanaimo and will be in my hands on Monday.

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