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“Nokia N900 Phone

You want to run one app at a time and be tied to your carrier forever? There’s a phone for that. But if you’ve got application ADD and need to flit from network to network, consider Nokia’s Linux-based N900. With a 600-Mhz processor, up to a gig of RAM, an 800 x 480 touchscreen, and a huge catalog of free apps, it’s GSM wireless with no strings attached.”

Congratulations Nokia, the N900 is no. 64 of 2009s wishlist.



One Comment

  1. The ironic part is that it’s nearly impossible to get an N900, let alone give it to someone in 2009.

    I just spoke with somone in Nokia’s Chicago store. They said the device is extremely hard to find. They only get a few st a time (they’re being shipped from Korea) and they sell out right away. That store has already sold out 3 times.

    They also mentioned that it has been reported that it could be sometime in February before all the pre-orders with the online retailers are filled.

    My pre-order is with and their web site is saying “Expected arrival date” is 4 – 6 weeks, when only a few days ago, they were saying Dec 1 and Nov 25 before that. It keeps getting pushed out.

    Is there a manufacturing problem?

    To make this a bit tougher, the price keeps going down. Nokia’s USA web site this week dropped the price by $80. With very low supply, dropping the price just fuels more demand for a product no one can receive. That can’t be good.



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