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[r900] Sales-start Newsletter_1258034690317

Nokia seems to be sending this newsletter to people in Europe. It looks so nice to see ‘Buy Now’ instead of Preorder.

Thanks Hans



  1. i just visited a few of the nokia europe sites and they ALL say pre-order. we’re being jerked around here…

    do you have the actual link to that newsletter or is it a scan?

  2. Yes, it is a bit disconcerting that Nokia itself is so guarded about these announcements. The Nokia USA site is still using the term “Preorder” and is not providing a clear ship date. I pre-ordered the USA model in September through for CAD$754.99. However, today, will sell you a UK model for the ridiculous price of CAD$814.99 and ship it in 7 days. OR you can still pre-order the USA model, as I did, for the more reasonable $754.99, with no shipping date indicated. If GLOBAL shipments did start on November 10 as previously claimed on this blog, then warehouses in the USA should be able to start fulfilling orders this week. Let’s see.

  3. do you have the actual link to that newsletter or is it a scan?

  4. here is the link…

    it’s on the page

  5. i’t s not a scan it’s a screengrab of a actual email i was on nokia’s N900 release mailing list and i got this as a Email from Nokia itself on wednesday the 11 th Of november so i called a couple of stores in my area in the netherlands one of wich is belcompany and they told me they were expecting the first shipment of N900’s in week 47 or 48. i hope this claryfies it a bit

  6. this vid was posted on youtube around 22 hours ago when i first saw it i guess final retail versions of the N900 are being delivered as of now

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