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Jay Sullivan, Mozillas VP of mobile gives us a breif walk-through of Firefox for Maemo. I love how weave is combined and it seems a lot of add-ons will be compatible on it. But would you guys continue using the default browser or Firefox?



  1. I’ll use whichever browser supports Quick Searches.

  2. Both at the same time >.<

  3. It really depends on how good the Firefox user experience is. It looks a little slower than the demos I’ve seen of the default Maemo browser. It might still be due for some more optimisations though, I guess.

    There are some compelling features there though, especially the Weave integration. The ability to sync with your desktop browsing session is a big draw-card for me. The possibility of using add-ons that are somewhat familiar from desktop Firefox is another interesting feature.

    Ultimately, if it can deliver those features and still retain the browsing speed of the default browser, that would probably be enough for me to switch to Firefox. If not, I’d probably do the same as zFox above and use a combination of both – Firefox for when I want to reference something shared to my desktop browsing, and the default browser otherwise.

    Great video, guys – thanks for putting it up 🙂

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