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End of November. Not even a definitive November date. Nokia decides not to ship me a review unit and I get that, but this?!

Sigh, am I really the only one who feels heartbroken?

Read and weep

EDIT: UK still seems to be spearheading for Nov 9th. I guess US of A isn’t that high on Nokias priority list

Thanks Shantyadon



  1. Nah, just be patient and be glad Nokia is doing it the right way by not releasing an unpolished product.

  2. is that from NokiaUSA?

  3. still says “11/14/2009” for the release date. I don’t know about heartbroken, but I have not eagerly anticipated anything like this for so long with so little information in a long long time, if ever. I am confident it will be worth the wait, but damn the wait!

  4. I’m pissed that it’s not coming out sooner. I woulda been happy with a slightly buggy product myself but if it’s perfect when released well…. still hurts though.

    • Me too, but this is a huge release for Nokia. Not the N900 but the Maemo bit, so it has to be right otherwise it will effect M6 too.

  5. 14th November 2009, its official now.


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