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Now this is just pure SUBLIME. Look at how smooth everything is in the video.  Looks like that Maemo 6 clustered homepage pic shown below might be running the same engine. Thoughts?




  1. Doesn’t look like any of the Maemo 6 concept segments constitute another cluster of segments, the way Gary did.

    Does that mean they like the idea but can’t make it work as fast/as well as Gary?

    • I am not sure, though the finishing doesn’t look very polished, as in the UI.

      but it sure is smooth and fast as hell

  2. evilmonkey,

    the finishing isn’t very polished because I’m not a designer.

    I only code up what I need and try to make a simple usable framework to keep my ideas in.

    Recently I was involved with the onedotzero:adventures in motion festival where we collaborated with designers and other team members to create a polished usable application which combined the best of all our skills 🙂

    Since then, I’ve heard that other groups are getting involved and there is a Brazilian team putting together a Push N900 proposal using the liqbase engine.

    I have to say, the harmattan comparison took me by surprise, but apparently you aren’t the only one making such comparisons.

    • well Gary Birkett

      All I can say is good job, and keep it up. I was amazed at how smooth flowing everything is, and the Maemo 6 connection was because as the mock up pic shows huge amounts of data are on the homepage, and your system of zooming in and out works and makes sense.

      Nokia should hire you full time :).

      The onedotzero app was brilliant. Kudos on that sir

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