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And now my USB port came off.
Nokia N900 ovi store barely has any new applications, any recognized apps like shazaam, and now the USB port came off.

*Shoots himself*

Also, last post on this blog, then I am shutting it down in a few days



I like you Nokia N900. I really do. But PR1.1 came, and I was excited by the progress Maemo was making.

But I am tired of waiting:

for PR 1.2.
for Ovi Store to come out of Beta and have more than 15 applications
for half the apps not being able to install from App Manager because of PR 1.2
for waiting for applications. Sure the community out there is doing an excellent job with Barriosquare and Witter, but these are people working on limited resources.

I really did like the N900. But its been over six months, and Nokia has failed to deliver. Sure they have fixed bugs here and here, but at the end, I still have a device that claims to have (almost) 1 GB RAM and still lag.
It still barely has facebook support. No twitter or facebook integration in the contact list. Sure it can get facebook profile pictures but thats about it.
And the absolute worst fact is that when I click on the phone icon, and click Select Contact, it takes 4 seconds to load my contacts. 4 seconds lag on getting my contacts is just unacceptable.

I see my friends with Android and iPhone and I agree their OS has been there for longer, but its been more than 6 months Nokia.

I am tired of defending an expensive device which still lags, still doesn’t have apps from major sites (flickr,digg,facebook), has flash that kills the device and GPS which is honestly a joke (Ovi maps)

As much as I hate to say this, I am disappointed Nokia, and I shall be selling my cellphone soon for Android.

An ex fanboy

P.S. I am not trolling. I have the highest respect for the developers who are still spending their time and resources in making apps for this and I hope they continue doing so. I am just tired of being left in the dark for an update release, not knowing whether or not Meego will be supported. I love the browser, but an app is much better. Facebook flickr, etc are sites I can use, but rather have an application. I don’t want fart apps, just applications that will help my lifestyle.
I still love my N900, I am just moving on.

P.S. Isolano also pointed that there is still no Ovi suite or Ovi plater support

“Nokia N900 Phone

You want to run one app at a time and be tied to your carrier forever? There’s a phone for that. But if you’ve got application ADD and need to flit from network to network, consider Nokia’s Linux-based N900. With a 600-Mhz processor, up to a gig of RAM, an 800 x 480 touchscreen, and a huge catalog of free apps, it’s GSM wireless with no strings attached.”

Congratulations Nokia, the N900 is no. 64 of 2009s wishlist.


We plan to post wallpapers for your n900 everyday. Singles and complete 4 sets.

First WOTD was taken by me.

Original here

Feel free to mail us your N900 wallpapers at

After a week of the official release date, the Nokia N900 is finally in stock at NokiaUSA and is available stateside. Bad news for our Canadian friends, as they only accept credit cards with a US billing address, we tried. Now all we can do is wait and hope that Amazon decides to ship us our product, sooner than later

Buy the N900 here

Now more cleaner, sleeker and simpler.

Hope you guys like it

Nokia has added Googletalk, Skype, Ovi chat and Jabber onto the n900 contact list. Msn seems to be missing, but there are plug-ins which you can easily install and add msn into your contacts menu. You can see whos online and chat with them

But, if your looking for a more windows live interface, aMSN is available. It allows offline messaging, voice clips and webcam support. Thats right, you can webcam using the front camera with your loved ones.

Here are some screenshots


You can download aMSN here

and the MSN messenger client for N900 here

Thanks Nokia-N900

N900 streaming to big tv

N900 Audio and video podcasts

Ecoach Sport buddy in action

Phone calls and data monitoring skills

Stop motion mini movie battery test

Now this is a cellphone that can truly game. You have buttons. You arent stuck with only using the tilt and pressing the screen. Tilt option is there, but true gamers want buttons. Physical buttons. Waiting for the n900 is getting harder thanks to videos like these

Thats right. The N900 is now available on sale according to the press release, but all the online retailers like Amazon, Newegg including NokiaUSA have it on preorder.


I just want my device. Now


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